Dugualla Community, Inc.
P. O. Box 1368
Oak Harbor, WA 98277-1368
The parties to this rental agreement are:
Dugualla Community Inc. Representative(REP):_________________________________________________________
Phone Number:________________________________
Phone Number:_______________________________
Under no circumstances shall the Renter assign or sublet his/her interest in this agreement.
The REP rents the Dugualla Community, Inc. Clubhouse and associated grounds to the Renter.
3. TERM:
This rental agreement is for a term of __ day(s) beginning at _____ on _________and ending at _____ on _________.
4. RENT:
The rental shall be $__________________due and payable at the time the facility is reserved.
Seventy five percent (75%) of the rental amount shall be refunded if the Renter cancels the reservation in writing at least seven (7) working days ahead of the start of the rental term. No other cancellation refunds will be made.
If any rent checks are returned due to Non-sufficient Funds the Renter must pay an additional 35% and all future payments must be made by money-order or certified check.
NO WAIVER: Acceptance of payment of rent does not constitute waiver of any non-complying condition.
The security deposit/damage deposit is $250.
[ ] REP acknowledges receipt of a deposit in the amount of $____________ .
[ ] The deposit will be paid in full by ________________________ .
This deposit is refundable. Deposit funds shall be used at REP’s discretion to repair damages caused by Renter or associated parties, and to pay for such other costs as necessary upon the termination of the agreement. Retention of the deposit does not limit the REP’s right to pursue other remedies. Renter shall reimburse Dugualla Community, Inc. for any damages incurred because of Renter’s failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.
Renter agrees to keep the premises as clean as the conditions of the premises permit and to comply with all duties imposed on renters by state and local law, and this agreement.
Renter shall be liable for any damage to the premises caused by Renter’s acts or neglect other than normal wear and tear. Renter shall also be liable for any damage to the premises or common areas that the Renter permits to be caused by a family member, invitee, licensee or any person acting under Renter’s control.
REP _________________________________________________Renter_____________________________________