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In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joey Bock, Jim Hummer, Danny Kaiser, Don Kaiser,
Tom Luehr, Tom McKeon, Jerry Schopf, Susan Schopf
Absent: Rob McMillan Guests: Tom Johnson, Chuck Ringer
I. Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm.
II. Minutes from last meeting were approved as submitted.
III. Public Comments: Tom Johnson presented ideas and information concerning the
backup generator and DCI water system. Chuck Ringer asked for water system flushing
to address issue of debris in household water.
IV. Treasurer Report: Balance $368,992.41. 8 accounts in arrears, registered letters sent to delinquent property owners.
V. Old Business
a. Work proposal submitted by landscape maintenance provider to be investigated by
board members before approving by email vote.
b. DCI Insurance coverage discussed, payment timing and methods will be
investigated and reported at next meeting. Umbrella policy covers up to $5M.
c. Audit conducted by Jerry and Susan Schopf of property owners records using
spreadsheets provided by Dave Sem will be taken to Richie Lucio at Jones Accounting
for updates and corrections needed.
VI. Officer and Committee Reports
a. Architectural Control: No report.
b. Building and Restrictions: No report.
c. Water System: See New Business
d. Lagoon: Tom Luehr is setting up schedule to check lagoon water flow.
e. Special Initiatives: No report
f. Communications: Discussion of difficulties communicating with residents during
power and water outages in December. Low percentage of residents are on DCI
g. Facilities: Jerry Schopf will work with Shawn Albert to get bids for replacement of
clubhouse kitchen floor.
VII. New Business
a. By unanimous vote, the board declared a moratorium on any new connections to
DCI water by properties outside the boundaries of the platted community until a
better understanding of current and future water needs is established. A policy will
be in place before the next Annual Meeting, September 15, 2019.
b. Discussion regarding the water system included non-DCI water customers and the
charge for connection, payment of annual fees, and limiting the number of
connections in the future.
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