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Attending: Clint Christensen, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent, Myron Parry, Chris Johnson, Shawn Albert, Graig Haberman, Larry Caton
Guests: Mickie Hucke
1.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6 PM by President Steve Hucke.
2.Minutes from 12/15/2021 Board Meeting were approved.  Passed unanimously.
3.Treasurer’s Report:  Clint Christiansen - See attached report.
a.Bank balance as of January 13, 2022 is $458,535.92, savings account, $390,431.45 money market account, $68,104.47 checking account.  See attached report.
b.Jones Accountings submitted a $4000 year-to-date catch-up bill.  Steve Hucke and Clint met with Jones on December 20th.  Jones agreed that the invoice will adjusted to reflect the $800 per month charges that DCI has historically paid.  As of 1/19/2022, we have one more invoice from Jones for mailing the last water invoiced.  This will complete their services.
c.Clint reported that revenue reporting may be delayed as we transition from Jones Accounting to King Water.
d.Late payment issues: Clint reported that overall, collections are improving as there are fewer accounts that are seriously late.
a.Larry Caton recirculated the 10/1/2021 proposal from Coffman engineers and the Board discussed the water system improvement and pipe replacement project.  Steve reported that he had met with Nathan, Project Manager, at King Water and learned that if we are replacing pipe with pipe of the same diameter, we may not need to engineer the project as the work is considered a repair.  Danny and/or Larry to contact Nathan to find out more.  Larry and Danny also to locate or develop drawings that would show which sections of pipe need to be replaced.
b.Steve Hucke reported that Nathan and Joe Ducken may have located the valve on Dugualla Road that was paved over.  They think that is also where Ducken and another home (both without meters) are connected to the water system.  More to follow.
Steve also reported that Nathan told him that the that homes on Kellogg Lane are separately metered, although one home has two lines (one metered, one not) connected to it.  More to follow.
c.Clint reported that the amount due for the lot that was not invoiced from the time of connection has been paid.  No further action.
d.Graig is still developing a draft budget that would separate community maintenance/operation from water system income and expenses.  More to follow.
e.Nadia reported that she and Chris met with the Whidbey Camano Land Trust (WCLT) and learned that there are grass clippings, branches and yard materials that need to be removed from the land in Trust.  WCLT agreed to mark the Trust property lines on 1/27/2022.  Then DCI will install no dumping signage and Chris and Nadia contact property owners to remove the material.  Nadia also reported that WCLT is pleased that the Board is working with them.
f.Chris reported that the lagoon inlet/outlet pipe is scheduled to be cleaned out on February 2nd and that, after meeting with the WCLT, he learned that there may be more to cleaning the pipe than scheduling the vacuum truck.  Chris to find out more.
i.Entry exit sheet posted on wall of club house:  Nadia created a checklist for Clubhouse renters to complete when they leave.
ii.Shawn reported that the clubhouse roof repair is done.
iii.The Clubhouse door touchpad lock has failed repeatedly and was removed.  Steve reported that the old lock is reinstalled and that there is a combination lock box on the door with the key.  This could be a temporary solution.
iv.Nadia, Steve Hucke and Mike Legere to pursue bid to install switches near the electrical panel to avoid using breakers to turn certain devices on and off.  Update: 1/19/2022 still in progress.  Also, Larry to look into lockouts on individual breakers to prevent certain breakers from being turned off.
a.Conflict of Interest Policy - All board members signed the policy.
b.Duguallbay.org website
i.Myron reported progress on updating the contact information for the domain name registration and hosting.  More to follow.
ii.Myron also reported that he was working with Steve Johnson to create duguallabay.org email addresses for President, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer.  More to follow.
c.Steve reported that the ramp to the club house was slippery during the recent winter weather.  Shawn will pursue installing non-skid material on the ramp.
d.There are two or three lots (without homes) that have water meters.  The consensus at this point is that King Water will read those meters in the normal course of the scheduled readings.  Assuming there is no usage, these lots will not be invoiced.  Going forward, for any new meters installed on lots, invoicing will begin as soon as the meter is installed.
e.The Board discussed the difference between a Member and a customer (connected to the water system, but the property is located outside of Dugualla Community Inc).  More to follow.
6.Visitor comment
7.Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 6 PM.
8.Adjournment: 7:06 PM
Respectfully submitted, Myron Parry, Board Secretary
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PDF Minutes including Treasurers and Attendance List