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A meeting of Dugualla Community, Inc. Board was held at DBH clubhouse at 5:30pm on October 17, 2016.
Steve Hucke
Members not in attendance
Teresa Coe Terry Peyton
Approval of minutes
The minutes for the August 2016 were approved on motion by Dave Sem, seconded by John Ney. The motion carried.
Public comments
Steve Hucke is interested in the water board.
Old business action items
A. Annual meeting
1. Summary and suggestions for next year: Time limits, stricter agenda, agenda
items submitted beforehand or will not be discussed.
Committee and Officer Reports
A. Architectural Control Committee- No report
B. Building and Use Restrictions Committee- Blackberry issue on Birch. Alyssa Adam emailed regarding the blackberries next door. She wants to escalate to a formal letter because Mr. Eidsmoe has not responded. Tracie suggested that Mrs. Adam send a certified letter and to keep all receipts pertaining to the letter.
C. Communication Committee: No report
D. Facility Committee- John Anglin came before the meeting to drop off all items
pertaining to the facility. The wood flooring in the clubhouse needs to be refinished & the carpet needs to be replaced. Tracie motioned for Jim Obieglo to get a bid for commercial flooring (kitchen, bathroom, entry area) & to have wood floor refinished. The motion was seconded by John Ney. All approved.
E. LagoonCommittee-WCLTwillbeplantinginFebruary2017.
F. SpecialInitiatives-Noreport
G. Treasurer's Report- Ducken in arrears.
New Business
A. Election of officers- President: John Ney, Vice President: Jim Obieglo, Treasurer: Dave Sem, Secretary Tracie Stringer. Steve Hucke to board member position 8, Terry Peyton to board member position 2. Terry Peyton was not in attendance. Tracie motioned that Steve Hucke be appointed to position 8. Dave Sem seconded. All were in favor. Dave Sem motioned that the board vote on the new officer positions. John Ney seconded. All were in favor. The water system committee members are Steve Hucke and Don Kaiser. Dave Sem is Lagoon Committee, Tracie is BU&R. No other committee changes were made.
B. Next meeting is November 21, 2016
Public Comments
Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.