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In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Clint Christiansen, Jim Hummer, Danny Kaiser, Don Kaiser, Tom Luehr, Jerry Schopf, Susan Schopf
Absent: Tom McKeon, Curt Myron
Guests: Jan Paul
A.Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm. President Jerry Schopf welcomed Larry Caton & Clint Christiansen as new board members. Jim Hummer reported that Terry Cays declined to take a board position.
B.Minutes from 9/18/19 board meeting and 9/21/19 annual meeting approved as corrected: caterer’s name is Sho-Nuff Barbeque.
C.Public Comments: Jan Paul questioned and protested the increase of monthly water rates for non-DCI customers slated to begin 1/1/20.
D.Treasurer Report: Tom McKeon emailed his report (see attached). Bank balance $414,709.92. Tom reported 8 residents are more than 90 days delinquent on water bills. Clint Christiansen requested that monthly reports state actions to be taken against delinquent customers.
E.Old Business
a.Community Meetings: Don Kaiser reported the annual meeting was well attended and deemed a success by everyone.
b.Facilities: Jerry Schopf reported the broken pipe in the clubhouse parking lot is still a problem. The drain pipe comes from the property of Joe Ducken. King Water has been asked to perform the necessary repairs on the line up to the Ducken property line.
Restoration and repainting of the DCI totem pole is continuing with some portions needing to be completely replaced according to Shawn Albert. A local wood carver is undertaking the task. Photos are posted on facebook.
Shawn Albert reported the cost to build a more permanent and weather-resistant outdoor stage will be $5,761.00 and will feature composite decking and cedar railings. The stage has already been used for one outdoor wedding and could attract more rental business for the clubhouse in the future. The board approved unanimously and set a completion date of March 15, 2020.
c.Water System: Danny Kaiser reported that Washington Generator performed tests of water system generators and the results were satisfactory. The generator runs a self test every Thursday morning. Follow up needed on observation of propane levels. A professional assessment of the entire Dugualla water system is still needed to determine possible future financial obligations for the community.
Jerry Schopf reported the testing of raw well water for PFAS chemicals showed no contamination. Due to continuing contamination being found in areas close to Dugualla, it was agreed testing should be performed annually. The cost was $300.
After lengthy discussions, the board voted unanimously to rescind the motion increasing monthly water rates for current non-DCI customers on 1/1/20 and will consider them as grandfathered into the DCI water system. The moratorium enacted January 2019 on any new water connections outside of the current Dugualla Community system remains in place.
d. Special Initiatives: Because a number a people expressed interest in knowing more about the land trust, Don Kaiser will contact Whidbey-Camano Land Trust personnel, Kyle Ostermick-Durkee and Taylor Schmuki to arrange for an evening meeting at the clubhouse in the near future.
f.Architectural Control: No report.
g.Building and Use Restrictions: No report.
h.Security: No Report.
I.Lagoon: No Report.
F.New Business: DCI Board Directors for 2019-2020 are (1) Clint Chrisiansen,
(2) Shawn Albert, (3) Jim Hummer, (4) Joseph Bock, (5) Tom McKeon, (6) Danny Kaiser,
(7) Larry Caton, (8) Susan Schopf, (9) Curt Myron.
Officers are Danny Kaiser, President; Curt Myron, Vice President; Tom McKeon will continue as Treasurer and Susan Schopf as Secretary.
Committees: Water System, Danny Kaiser & Larry Caton; Architectural Control, Shawn Albert and Jim Hummer; Building & Use Restrictions Shawn Albert & Jim Hummer, Communications, Susan Schopf & Steve Johnson; Community Meetings, Clint Christiansen & Susan Schopf, Facilities and Community Buildings, Danny Kaiser; Lagoon, Joseph Bock; Records Management, Jim Hummer.
G.Adjournment: 8:00 PM
H.Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 6 PM
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