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In Attendance: Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Clint Christiansen, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Tom McKeon, Curt Myron, Susan Schopf
Absent: Shawn Albert
Guests: Graig Habermann, Monica Cays, Julie Chan, Nadia Kent, Jerry Schopf
A.Meeting called to order at 6 pm by Vice President Curt Myron.
B. Minutes from 9/16/2020 were approved with no corrections or additions.
C.Public Comments: Guests were introduced and welcomed.
D.Treasurer’s Report:  Tom McKeon report (see attached).  Bank balance currently is$468,096.88 which is an increase of $5,057.82 from last month’s ending balance.  Tom reported 11 residents are more than 90 days delinquent on water bills and expects some of these accounts to be made current in the next billing cycle.  Tom moved funds from an expiring CD to a money market account until CD rates improve.
1. Facilities:  Danny Kaiser reported Evergreen Landscape is working satisfactorily on community common areas and have completed pruning the shrubs at the Clubhouse.
a.  Clint and Steve will review community common areas requiring routinemowing and report at the next meeting.
b.  A vote passed to leave the tree stump on Dugualla Road in place rather than spend money to remove it.
2.  Water System: For safety reasons trenching and repairing the leaking drainage line at the well pump house area needs to be delayed until the ground is more dry.  The work will be done by Custom Logging & Site Development as soon as it is safely  possible.
a.  Danny is waiting on King Water to finalize a report assessing the current state of the Dugualla Community water system.  This information was requested to assist the Board in planning for possible future repairs.
b.  Larry Caton presented a third bid for work needed to replace the generator at the pump house.  Double D Electrical, Inc. was selected by unanimous vote and Larry will ask them to begin work as soon as possible.
3.  Architectural Control:  No Report.
4.  Building and Use Restrictions:  No Report.
5.  Communications:  No Report. 
6.  Community Meetings:  Annual Meeting & Dinner is postponed indefinitely due to COVID.
7.  Records Management:  No Report.
8.  Security: Clint and Curt volunteered to check the clubhouse regularly.
9.  Lagoon:  No Report.
10.  Whidbey Camano Land Trust: No Report.
11.  Special Initiatives:  A list of Board accomplishments for the year will be compiled and presented at the next meeting for approval to be published online.
1.  Julie Chan requested community water service for a lot on Beacon View Drive which she may purchase.  The Board voted to approve.
2.  Graig Haberman and Nadia Kent both volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors.  Graig will take Position #5 replacing Tom McKeon who is vacating the position.  Clint Christianson will take the role of Treasurer.  Nadia will fill Position #3.
3.  Curt Myron notified the Board he will need to vacate his position in March 2021.
4.  Mike Legere is the new Clubhouse Manager replacing Pat Del Sonno. 
G.  Adjournment:  7:45 PM
H.  Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 6 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
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