Dugualla Heights Board Meeting Notes
November 16th 2022
Members Present: Graig Habermann, J.D Ray, Jim Jolly, Julie Chan, Mark V,
Shawn Albert, Leslie Wagner.
Acceptance of old meeting notes:
Jim will check to ensure the official version of the October notes has the correction he recommended. He recommended redacting names of rate payers who raised questions etc..
Graig H made a motion to accept the minutes, J.D seconded the Motion with the understanding that names will be redacted.
Visitors: Nancy Lang, Ann Bertram
Old business: Lot owners fee proposal awaiting financial plan.
High water bills should be referred to King Water.
New Business
Mark stated our current bid for pipeline replacement from Johnson Construction, did not include Bay front.
Graig stated we need a line-item budget to indicate how much we can allocate for the 2023 water main replacement project on Shore crest.
Graig, Mark, and J.D all agreed to meet on site to review the southern side of Shore Crest for potential conflicts with easements and Cameo Island Land Trust property.
Mark indicated the bid we received has the new replacement line outside of our current easement. This bid shows the South side of Shorecrest as the site for the replacement line. The current line is on the Northside.
Open cut vs Bore and Mandrel?
It was suggested in the past to consider pulling a mandrel through the existing line to fracture it. Simultaneously a P.V.C. line would be pulled through the same trench. It does not appear to be the method for our current bid.
Julie stated the Annual Financial Report is due next month.
Myron sent a copy of a hacked email to all of the board members.
Julie and Leslie both had scam e-mails requesting funds from them, as well.
Need to take a fresh look at D.C.I. email accounts. (Myron please re-send)
Mark meeting on Monday with C.P.A. to develop a 2 year P&L statement, hopefully get a cost estimate for board approval.
Jim needs to confirm a letter has been sent to approve Julie and Jim as signers.
Graig wanted to know if we were a 501 C to recover the sales tax incurred with the pipeline replacement project.
Mark stated the sales tax exemption applies to Government agencies only.
For good of the order.
Julie’s question; account and savings does not equal quoted balance. She is looking into getting access to C.D. and Money Market accounts to get an accurate balance report.
Mark heard from insurance company Director; operations liability has been increased to $5,000,000
Shawn wants to look at increasing monthly water usage base from 5,000 gallon per month to possibly 7,500 gallons. This would allow for pressure washing driveways and car washing.
Visitors question: Ann Bertram is looking for old minutes. We need to add access to meeting notes and instructions on web site. She also wants to see a copy of the Annual Budget from last September’s Annual Meeting.
Look into preventing hacking into the community web site.
Motion to Adjourn: Julie Motion to adjourn, JD second.
Submitted by Graig Habermann