In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Clint Christiansen, Graig Habermann, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent, Curt Myron, Susan Schopf
Absent: None
Guests:  Jerry Schopf
A.The Zoom  online meeting called to order at 6 pm by Vice President Curt Myron.
B. Minutes from 10/21/2020 were approved with no corrections or additions.
C.Public Comments: None.
D.Treasurer’s Report:  New Treasurer Clint Christianson submitted a list of proposals for the Board to consider (see attached). 
1.  The Board voted unanimously to approve moving the following CDs into a money market account upon maturity:  CD #5662 on 2021 Jan 03 and CD #0764 on 2021 April 21.
2.  As a cost cutting measure it was moved, seconded and approved to add $10 to the monthly water bills and eliminate the separate billing for $100 for annual dues effective June 2021.  This will result in an annual savings of $405 to the community. 
3. The $100 annual assessment fee will stop effective June 2021.  The June 2020 billing cycle was the last billing cycle. The monthly water bill will increase from $40 to $50 effective July 2021.  The increased fees are due to maintenance and repairs of the community water lines.
4.  The Board voted unanimously to approve removing the Board Secretary as an authorized check signer at Jones Accounting.  The President, Vice President and Treasurer are all approved check signers.
5.  The Board voted unanimously to approve removing the Board Secretary as an authorized co-administrator at People’s Bank.  The President will serve as co-administrator.
6.  The Board voted to table other items on Clint’s list to allow for further investigations to be conducted regarding water billing.  Danny Kaiser and Shawn Albert will meet with King Water Co. to determine what services the company could offer and their charges for billing Dugualla Community water customers.
1. Facilities:   The Board voted unanimously to discontinue using Evergreen Landscaping due to high costs and approve a contract with Simply Yards for $640 (20 visits) for community lawn maintenance.  The Board voted 5-4 against mowing the lagoon grass area known as Area #5.
2.  Clubhouse security has not been resolved.  The Board voted unanimously to install a security camera in addition to new keyless door locks.  Steve Hucke and Mike Legere, Clubhouse Manager, both are working on this problem.
3.  After receiving a check from DCI, Double D Electrical, Inc. has ordered the new generator for the pump house.
4.  Architectural Control:  No Report.
5.  Building and Use Restrictions:  No Report.
6.  Communications:  Susan will ask webmaster Steve Johnson to update the DCI website.  A list of Board accomplishments for 2019-2020 will be compiled and presented at the next meeting for approval to be published on the website.
7.  Community Meetings:  Due to the COVID pandemic the Annual Meeting & Dinner for 2020 will not take place.  The 2021 Annual Meeting & Dinner will be scheduled for September 18, 2021.
8.  Records Management:  Steve Hucke will follow up and report at next meeting.
9.  Security: See Old Business Item #2.
10.  Lagoon:  The boards used to block the lagoon flow during the annual cleaning are stored in the well pump house.
11.  Whidbey Camano Land Trust:  Clint Christianson will schedule a meeting with the WCLT representative.
1.  The Board voted unanimously to elect Steve Hucke as Board President. 
2.  The Board voted unanimously to elect Nadia Kent as Board Vice President.
3.  Special Initiatives:  Graig Habermann volunteered to serve on the Special Initiatives Committee and will follow up with Don Kaiser to review community insurance policies, monitor clubhouse fire extinguishers and work with North Whidbey Fire Dept. to post clubhouse occupancy signage.
G.  Adjournment:  8:00 PM
H.  Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 6 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
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