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I.Call to Order
II.Approve Minutes from Last Meeting – Approved
III.Public Comments
IV.Old Business Action Items: Questions to be submitted to attorney about wisdom of Converting to an LLC, what are the limits of liability in case of lawsuits, how much insurance
Should we be carrying.
V.Committee and Officer Reports
A.Architectural Control Committee: Dave and John. Nothing to report
B.Building and Use Restrictions Committee: Steve and Don. Nothing to report
C.Water Committee: Mike and Ron. Nothing to report.
D.Communications Committee: Dan. need to develop a new website.
E.Community Communications Committee: Sheila. Nothing to report.
F.Facility Committee: Jerry. Draw up a statement of work on landscaping and submit forBids by two vendors under consideration: All Seasons and  PNW.
G.Lagoon Committee: Dave and Mike. Nothing to report.
H.Special Initiatives Committee: John. Nothing to report
I.Treasurer’s Report: Spreadsheet submitted to Board. Landscaping invoices to be
Reviewed pursuant to landscaper decision as noted in (F) above
VI.Other New Business
A.Records clean-up postponed until March meeting due to weather
B.644 Beacon Drive: Motion was made (Jim), seconded (Steve) and carried
By Board to make an offer to above property to reduce their delinquent water Bill from $1090 to $800 by waiving late fees and annual dues. This offer would be in lieu of applying a lien to the property, and was to be accepted by owner
No later than March 2, 2018.
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