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In Attendance: Joey Bock, Jim Hummer, Danny Kaiser, Tom Luehr, Tom McKeon, Rob McMillan, Jerry Schopf, Susan Schopf
Absent:  Shawn Albert, Don Kaiser     Guests:  Mike Henderson
I.Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm.
II. Minutes from last meeting were approved as submitted.
III.Public Comments: 
IV.Treasurer Report:  Tom McKeon reported a balance $374,892.34.  Discussion followed regarding accounts in arrears and water service termination per the By-Laws.  All insurance is paid and up to date.
V.Old Business
a.  Tom McKeon and Jim Hummer led discussion of DCI Annual Budget for FY 2018-2019 and the need for a reserve account for possible future major expenses, also the need for monthly budget breakdown to better enable tracking of expenditures vs. available funds.
b.  Susan and Jerry Schopf reported correction and updating of property owners records ongoing with Jones Accounting.
c.   Jim Hummer and Danny Kaiser presented data on water system tap and monthly fees compared to various communities on Whidbey Island with DCI being one of the lowest cost.  A new water system policy will be proposed at the March18 Board meeting by Danny Kaiser, Rob McMillan and Jim Hummer.
d.  Board members present signed the Conflict of Interest Affirmation form.
e.  Proposed changes to the By-Laws were presented and will be incorporated in red print into the current document by Susan Schopf.  Proposed changes will be discussed at the March 18 meeting.
VI.Officer and Committee Reports
a. Architectural Control: A request for placement of a modular home on a vacant lot on Dugualla Road is denied as not being consistent with community standard.
b. Building and Restrictions:  No report
c.  Communications:  Susan Schopf will post a request on Facebook that community members contact Board members directly by phone or email and not use social media for that purpose.
d. Water System: Per Rob McMillan and Danny Kaiser, generator repairs done by Washington Generator Services, Sedro Woolley.  AA Electric, Oak Harbor, is installing transfer switches needed to insure proper function of generators.  Motion to pay $6,063.29 passed. Joey Bock will contact a Bellingham company to do a complete assessment of the DCI water system to provide information regarding possible repairs/updates that might be done now to help prevent future major repairs and expenses.  Discussion regarding cleaning of water storage tanks, when or if required.
e. Lagoon: No report
f.  Special Initiatives: No report    
g.  Facilities: Jerry Schopf presented three samples of flooring to replace kitchen carpet in clubhouse at a cost of $1,600 for materials.  Motion passed on selection and cost.
VII.New Business
a. Community member Mike Henderson offered to bring his band to the community for a summer concert.  The band plays mostly classic rock and performs for other communities in the area.  The concert would be held in the area immediately surrounding the clubhouse.  Mike and his wife will donate their fees but two otherband members would need to be paid approximately $400 total. The Board agreed to consider and follow up with more details and a decision on a date for the concert.
VIII.     Items Held Over
a.  Totem Pole repainting - consensus to wait until warm weather
b.  Files in the storage shed adjacent to the clubhouse.
c.  Management of DCI website and other communications.
d.  Ongoing conflict with clubhouse rental at 7 PM on Mondays.
e.  Cleaning/painting the water tanks at Birch/Emory Trail.
IX.  Adjournment:  Jerry Schopf adjourned the meeting at 7:05 PM
X.  Next Meeting:  Monday, March 18, 2019 at 5:30 PM
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