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In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Larry Caton, Clint Christensen, Graig Habermann, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent, Mike Legere, Susan Schopf
Absent: Joseph Bock
Guests: None
A.The Zoom online meeting called to order at 6:05 PM by President Steve Hucke
B.Minutes from 1/20/21 were approved with no corrections or additions.
C.Public Comments: None
D.Treasurer’s Report: Clint Christensen - See aQached report.
1.DCI Bank Balance 2/14/21 is $457,396.90.
2.Clint is still working on a formal policy for handling property owners with overdue water bill accounts.
3.A maximum withdrawal amount from DCI accounts with People’s Bank will be set was discussed and the DCI president, vice-president and treasurer are confirmed as co-signers on checks.
4.Clint is questioning the excessive fees being charged for the website domain and will talk to DCI webmaster, Steve Johnson for details.
5.The Board approved reducing Surety Pest Control services at the clubhouse from monthly to bi-monthly as cost savings measure. Mike Legere will follow up to see if there is a cheaper option or company available.
6.To save money, the Board agreed to turn off the street light at Taylor & Birch roads but to leave on the street light at the entrance to the clubhouse driveway for security purposes.
Water Report: Steve Hucke
1.Kauffman Engineering will be asked for a proposal to do survey work for DCI water system to include the status of the wells, water lines, etc.
2.Two water sample stations will be installed for King Water’s use in order to avoid using private residences. The Board voted unanimously for maximum of $3,000 to cover installation costs. Danny will follow up.
3.Low water pressure issues for some Emory Trail residences is being investigated by King Water. There is also an issue of two properties utilizing one water meter. The Board voted unanimously for King Water to work to correct these problems. Either the community or the property owners will be billed depending on the location of the problems in the water lines.
3. Two separate water issues on Emory Trail were discussed: low water pressure and two houses on one meter. Water pressure to the meter is good so King Water has nothing to resolve. The Board voted to approve installation of a new meter. Either King Water or DCI will pay for the new meter depending on who removed the original meter. Property owners are responsible for paying for water lines from the meter to their houses.
4.King Water advised the Board that it is required by the State of Washington to develop a plan to establish water use efficiency (WUE) goals and enact measures to manage water use for the community. In January the Board commiQed to study these requirements and follow up with further discussions. No action was taken at February meeting.
5. Larry Caton reported Double D Electrical, Inc. will have new generator installed and working by March 24 at the pump house. A 1,000 gallon propane tank will supply the generator with a propane vendor to be determined.
1.Architectural Control: No Report.
2.Building and Use Restrictions: No Report.
3.Communications: No Report.
4.Community Meetings: No Report.
5.Property Owner Records: Tom Glenn, DCI property owner, is volunteering as
records manager and working with Jones Accounting. Title companies are responsible for
informing Jones Accounting of changes in property ownership but errors do sometimes occur.
6.Security: No Report.
7.Lagoon: No Report.
8.Whidbey Camano Land Trust: No Report.
9.Facilities: Graig Habermann is working with a pubic service entity which installs tsunami siren warning devices. A tower no more than 40 j. high will be installed at the shore near the clubhouse. The only cost to DCI will be approximately $6-8 per month for electricity. The Board approved the installation as proposed.
10.Clubhouse: Mike Legere, Manager
a.The Board will investigate the possibility of the Clubhouse Manager being on the Board of Directors and decide at the March meeting. Mike Legere advised some rental policy changes and will present a revised contract at the March meeting. The advisability of having the contract reviewed by an aQorney was also discussed. He suggested the clubhouse be advertised for rent to the general public which will be studied further. He would also like to ask the webmaster that a rental bookings calendar be added to the DCI website.
b.Mike noted that the clubhouse fireplace does not work and should be permanently closed off as a safety measure. Shawn Albert will follow up.
c.All clubhouse fire extinguishers have been checked, tested and approved.
d.Susan Schopf will order a floral arrangement to be delivered to former clubhouse manager, Patsey Del Sonno, in appreciation of her service and dedication.
e.The Board approved the following changes to clubhouse rental charges: rentals for
non-property owners increases from $300, with a $50 cancellation fee. The
rental fee for property owners is $100 with a $25 cancellation fee.
1. Board members are required to sign the Conflict of Interest Agreement annually and will do so at the March meeting if COVID restrictions allow an in-person meeting.
H.Adjournment: 7:25 PM
I.Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 6 PM. Respectfully submitted, Susan Schopf, Board Secretary