Attending: Leslie Wagner, Mark Van Wyngarden, James Jolly, Myron Parry, J.D. Ray, Graig Habermann
Absent: Steve Hucke, Julie Chan, Shawn Albert
1.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6 PM by Vice President James Jolly.
2.Minutes from 1/18/2023 Board Meeting: Motion to approve as submitted made by Graig, seconded by Jim.  Passed unanimously.
3.Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance as of December 31, 2022 is $521,444.23 with $391,810.32 in money market account, $129,633.91 in checking account.  Julie started to report using QuickBooks format for a June 1 to May 31 fiscal year fiscal year.  Mark pointed out that the Statement of Activity is a first draft and may require changes.  See attached report. 
a.Water main replacement report
i.Graig Habermann, Steve Hucke and Myron Parry met with Nathan from King Water on 2/2/203 at the clubhouse and discussed the pipe replacement project.  Nathan recommended replacing pipes in this order:
1.Address salt water corrosion first:
a.E Beacon View from the clubhouse to the turn at Kellogg Land and up to Maplewood loop as there have been more repairs there than other areas due to galvanized pipe between water main line on south side of road and meters on north side of road.
b.Next sections (not necessarily in order):
i.West end of Bay Front to east end of Shorecrest Drive.  May be done in two sections:
1.West end of Bay Front to west or east valve at salt water lagoon outlet
2.West or east valve at salt water lagoon outlet to east end of Shorecrest Drive
ii.Kellogg Lane from Beacon View and up to Maplewood Loop.  This is outside the community.  Will be difficult due to year-round water runoff.
2.Nathan recommended replacing the pipe between well house and treatment building because all the water in the system starts by flowing through this pipe.  He also pointed out that it would be difficult to do repairs on this pipe as it is located on an easement between roads.
3.Next, Nathan recommended starting from the bottom, then working up the hill.  Another option would be to look at prints to determine age of pipe in different areas and replace oldest first.
Also learned that we will need a franchise agreement with Island County to begin the project.  The agreement is good for seven years.  Graig also explained that we will need to confirm the materials and find the exact location of the lines to be replaced and that we could leave the asbestos cement pipe we are replacing in the ground.
ii.Jim reported that Corey Johnson is planning to attend the next Board meeting to answer any questions we may have.
b.Mark reported that he tried to follow up with Kingma CPA regarding comparative financials for the twelve months ending 5/31/21 and 5/31/22 but the CPA is not responding to his calls.  More to follow.
c.Relating to the water rate discussion at the January Board meeting, Myron developed a gallons-per-day table for the website and presented it to the board.  The table includes meter reading counts by gallon bracket.  The Board reviewed the table and Myron will work with Steve Johnson to have it posted on the website.
6.Visitor comment:
7.Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 6:00 PM.
8.Adjournment: 6:52 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Myron Parry