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Attending: Steve Hucke, Nadia Kent, Myron Parry, Shawn Albert, Graig Haberman, Chris Johnson, Larry Caton
Absent: Clint Christensen, Danny Kaiser
Guests: Mickie Hucke, Mike Legere, Holly and Bryan Beecher
1.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:04 PM by President Steve Hucke.
2.Minutes from 2/16/2022 Board Meeting were approved.  Passed unanimously.
3.Treasurer’s Report: - See attached report.  Bank balance as of March 13, 2022 is $465,298.47, savings account, $390,494.56 money market account, $74,803.91 checking account.  See attached report.
a.Duguallbay.org email accounts for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer: Myron also reported that he is still working with Steve Johnson and Isomedia to make these email accounts available.
Myron also reported that he and Steve Johnson are considering the recommendation to change the company providing website hosting services for duguallabay.org.  The site is currently hosted by Isomedia and is paid up until 5/9/2022.  Steve Johnson is also the webmaster for two websites hosted by Fidalgo.net.  He has had a good experience working with them and Fidalgo.net is less expensive ($125 vs. $179.40 per year).  Steve and Myron will have an update for the next board meeting.
b.Water line replacement: Larry reported that at King Water is working with a contractor to develop a bid.  As the Board requires multiple bids to consider, Steve asked Larry to determine scope of work so the Board can obtain bids from other companies.
c.Steve reported that on 3/15 King water installed two water meters for homes on Dugualla Road.  They also found the paved-over valve and it was in working order.
d.Generators at the well house and the pump house: Larry to set up periodic maintenance service with Double D Electrical on an on-going basis.
e.The Board and visitors discussed the difference between a Member and a customer (connected to the water system, but the property is located outside of Dugualla Community Inc).  Danny and Myron reviewed this topic and submitted their recommendation (copy attached).
a.The Board discussed a requirement of insurance for each and every clubhouse rental.  Graig reported that not every rental needs insurance.  Using fireworks during a rental can be an issue, however, depending upon which class of fireworks are used.  The issue only occurs twice a year (1/1 and 7/4).  The Board then discussed the pros and cons of allowing fireworks displays at the clubhouse.  The issue was tabled so that the Board could check with Members living close to the clubhouse.
b.Nadia reported that the work party together with Whidbey Island Land Trust for blackberry removal is scheduled for March 20th.
c.Chris reported that he followed up with the company who cleaned out the lagoon inlet/outlet pipe earlier this year to schedule cleaning again for July.  Specific date in July to be determined.
i.Mike Legere reported that there is Comcast cable service at the pole on the street next to the clubhouse and the cost is $90 to install and $95.47 per month for 1 gigabit per second WiFi service.  This service will increase demand for weddings to rent the clubhouse.  Having WiFi service available will also support install security cameras.  Graig moved that we begin a six-month trial period.  Passed unanimously.  Mike to contact Clint regarding setting up the account with Comcast.
ii.Mike Legere to purchase and install adhesive traction strips for the pedestrian ramps at the clubhouse.
6.Visitor comment
a.Bryan Beecher inquired about upcoming events at the clubhouse and bands practicing at the clubhouse.  Bryan also reported that he was involved with setting up the lagoon conservation easement with the Whidbey Camano Land Trust and offered to provide information to the current board.
b.Holly Beecher offered to write a newsletter and that she was open to delivering it.  There was also a discussion about communicating with Members.
7.Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 6 PM.
8.Adjournment: 6:57 PM