A meeting of Dugualla Community, Inc. Board was held at DBH clubhouse on April 18, 2016.
All members in attendance.
Members not in attendance
Approval of minutes
The minutes for the March 2016 meeting were approved on motion by John Anglin, seconded by John Ney. The motion carried.
Public comments
Tom Johnson (Dugualla Rd) was in attendance.
Unfinished business
A. WLCT Lagoon issues re: Mr. Burke- no communication from Mr. Burke
B. B & UR issue on Birch: Tracie mailed Mr. Eidsmoe a letter. There has been no reply from Mr. Eidsmoe. Home owner will follow up with Mr. Eidsmoe as well.
C. Landscaping bid at Clubhouse- Jim Obigelo contacted the current mowing company. They are too busy to do the extra landscaping. Another bid was obtained however it was $960. John Ney suggested Gerb landscaping. Pat (clubhouse manager & next door neighbor) would like the trees on the clubhouse side removed. She is concerned about the trees falling onto her home. A motion was made by Dave Sem to increase the amount to clean up landscaping from $600 to $1000. The motion was seconded by Tracie Stringer. Motion passed unanimously.
Committee and Officer Reports
A. Architectural Control Committee- No report
B. Building and Use Restrictions Committee- No report
C. CommunicationCommittee-Noreport
D. Facility Committee- Clubhouse work
E. LagoonCommittee-Noreport
F. SpecialInitiatives-Noreport
G. Treasurer's Report- Limited report. Jones Acct. is in the middle of tax season. No
outstanding water accounts.
New Business
A. Next meeting May 16th.
B. CommitteeassignmentsforDonKaiser-Donchosearchitecturecontrolandwater
C. Issuewithpermitsfordigging/watermeters-PerSandyatKingWater;allmeter
permits are suspended for the time being. Archaeology Dept. claims the DBC is in Indian Zone (per email from Island County). Teresa Coe will contact the county.
Public Comments
Tom Johnson inquired about property owner Langolois submitting paperwork to architectural control committee. No such paperwork has been submitted yet.
The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.
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