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In Attendance: Mike Henderson, Don Kaiser, Steve Hucke, John Ney, Jerry  Schoph, Jim Hummer
I.Call to Order
II. Approve Minutes from last meeting – Motion to Approve, Dan; Second by, Mike: Motion carried
III.Public Comments: None
IV.Old Business
a. Statement of work for landscaping was updated and ready to submit for bid.
V.Officer and Committee Reports
a. Architectural Control Committee: Dave and John Ney. Nothing to report.
b. Building and Restrictions Committee:   Steve Hucke and Don Kaiser. Nothing to report.
c. Water Committee: Mike Henderson and Rob McMillan. Nothing to Report
d. Lagoon Committee: Dave Sem and Mike Henderson. Pipe scheduled to be cleaned.
e.  Special Initiatives, Noting to Report    
f.  Communications Committee: Sheila Terry. Nothing to report.
g. Treasurers report: Dave. Report submitted.
h. Facilities Committee: Jerry Schoch. Nothing to report
I. Communications Committee: Dan Branscom. Discussed updating website. Initial contact has been made with webmaster. Dan will touch base with Tucows and reach out again to the webmaster of release of domain name.
VI.Other New Business
a.  Next meeting April 16, 2018
VII.Public Comments
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