Attending: Steve Hucke, Nadia Kent, Myron Parry, Graig Haberman, Chris Johnson, Larry Caton, Clint Christensen, Danny Kaiser
Absent: Shawn Albert
Guests: Mickie Hucke, Mike Legere, Steve Johnson
1.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6 PM by President Steve Hucke.
2.Minutes from 3/16/2022 Board Meeting were approved.  Passed unanimously.
3.Treasurer’s Report: - See attached report.  Bank balance as of April 17, 2022 is $461,046.82, savings account, $390,527.73 money market account, $70,519.09 checking account.  See attached report.  Clint also reported that from January to now, we are net approximately $3000 ahead.  For reference, the last full year was approximately $9000 ahead.
a.Duguallabay.org website: Steve Johnson described the problems with Isomedia.com hosting the Duguallbay.org website.  One of the problems is the inability to use duguallbay.org email addresses set up for the Board officers.  Isomedia is paid up until 5/9/2022.
Steve also reported that he is the webmaster for two websites hosted by Fidalgo.net and has had a good experience working with them for over twenty years.  He also said that Fidalgo.net is less expensive ($125 vs. $179.40 per year) and they are very helpful if you have a question or problem.
Steve Johnson also reported that he created a DCI Board Secretary email address on one of the domain names he maintains on Fidalgo.net.  Myron reported that he was able to successfully use that email address.
Myron and Steve Johnson recommended to change the duguallabay.org website hosting services from Isomedia to Fidalgo.net.  The Board discussed the pros/cons as well as the process of making the change.  Steve and Myron explained that the website could be off-line for a week or so during the change.  Myron made a motion to have Fidalgo.net host the Duguallabay.org website.  Motion seconded by Nadia.  Passed unanimously.
Once the move to Fidalgo.net is complete, Steve will create Duguallbay.org email accounts for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Myron will confirm the Secretary email address works well and then roll out the President, Vice-President and Treasurer email addresses to the other officers for their use.
i.Water line replacement: Larry reported that there is nothing new from King Water as they work with a contractor to develop a bid.  Larry to follow up with Nathan at King Water.
ii.Larry reported that a member had a leak in the waterline to their home and that the leak was at a valve that was between the meter and the house.  Larry stated that the valve was part of the old system and had been installed prior to installing the meter. 
iii.Larry reported both generators will be serviced Monday 4/25 by Double D Electrical.
iv.Steve Hucke reported that the large tank at the south end of Emory Trail was cleaned on April 7th.
c.Clubhouse: Mike Legere reported that the Clubhouse now has Wi-fi and that he is planning to install a shelf and later a cabinet for the router.
d.Lagoon: Chris reported that much was accomplished at the work party to remove blackberry vines.  He also provided a before and after photo.  Chris rented a “Billy Goat” to help remove blackberries on land that is not included in the Trust.  Nadia made a motion to reimburse Chris for the cost of the rental.  Danny seconded.  Passed unanimously.
6.Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 6 PM.
7.Adjournment: 6:28 PM
Respectfully submitted, Myron Parry, Board Secretary