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In Attendance: Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Danny Kaiser, Steve Hucke, Tom McKeon, Curt Myron, Susan Schopf
Absent: Shawn Albert, Clint Christensen
Guest: Jerry Schopf
A.Meeting conducted online (Zoom) called to order at 6:05 pm by President Danny Kaiser.
B.Minutes from 2/19/2020 were previously approved. Due to the COVID pandemic there were no Board meetings in March or April.
C.Public Comments: None
D.Treasurer’s Report: Tom McKeon report (see attached). Bank balance currently is $428,961.59. Major expenditure was for generator repairs at $3,719.02. Tom reported 1 resident is more than 90 days delinquent on water bills and will receive a warning letter. Joe Ducken has paid amount owed on his account.
E.Old Business
a.Facilities: Danny Kaiser reported the new landscaper, Joe Avila, is experiencing health and equipment problems causing some landscaping jobs to fall behind. Danny will follow up with him.
b.Water System: King Water successfully completed flushing of water system with no reported concerns. Generators were tested and major maintenance with necessary repairs was conducted. Of concern are the constantly wet areas surrounding the Well House and the possibility of a broken or blocked pipe. Danny and Larry Caton will investigate and conduct a test of the pipes. A second concern is that the pumps in the Chemical Treatment facility are not hooked up to the generator at the Well House.
c.Architectural Control: No report.
d.Building and Use Restrictions: No report.
e.Communications: No report.
f.Community Meetings: The date of the annual meeting is Sept.19, 2020 but due to COVID restrictions it may have to be delayed. Curt Myron will check the by-laws for meeting requirements and report to the Board.
The community summer concert set for August 29 may also have to be canceled or delayed due to virus restrictions mandated by the state.
g.Security: No report.
h.Lagoon: No report.
i.Whidbey Camano Land Trust: WCLT asked for permission to use community water again this year if necessary during dry summer months. The Board agreed to do this.
F.New Business- None.
G.Adjournment: 6:50 PM
H.Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 6 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
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