In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Larry Caton, Clint Christensen, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent
Absent: Joseph Bock, Graig Habermann, Mike Legere, Susan Schopf
Guests: Mickie Hucke.
A.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Steve Hucke
B.Minutes from 4/21/21 were approved. Clint moved, Nadia seconded.
C.Public Comments: None
D.WATER REPORT: Larry Caton and Danny Kaiser
1.Status of DCI water system. Survey and bid still in process as materials and prices are changing rapidly in these times. Have paid $3,500 so far; on track to maintain previously approved bid proposal.
2.King Water main flushing will occur May 27th, notices will be going up in the community ahead of this date.
3.Cleaning culvert at lagoon. Joseph Bock, lagoon representative, is not present. Not sure who can be there to dam up the lagoon since Joe works. More people need to be involved to get this done. Steve will contact Joseph as this needs to be done in the summer.
E.TREASURER’S REPORT: Clint Christiansen – See a%ached report.
1.DCI Bank Balance as of May 17, 2021 was $431,967.65 with $390,096.79 in a money market account and $41,870.86 in a checking account.
2.Jake Cohen, A%orney was sent paperwork on April 20th to give notices to 4 properties and put liens on these. One of the properties is just a lot without a house, they are not currently using water at this property.
MOTION: Stop the late fee payments on the vacant lot account until a house is built on the property and they are receiving water. 2nd and passed.
3.Clint has advised Jones accounting regarding process that requires the payments on the specified overdue accounts to go through the a%orney. There are 8 more people who are scheduled to be sent to the A%orney this month.
MOTION: Anyone over 90 days late on payments will be sent to Jake Cohen for action. 2nd and passed.
4.New statement on bo%om of billing was reviewed. Has Susan put this out on Social Media as well? Unknown.
5.Pest Control — Steve will be getting three bids to present. Surety’s current price was discussed.
1.Paint contract for Club house and touch up on treatment building. Two bids were received and reviewed. One was clearly itemized. A few other places need to have touch up added. Discussed adding a capped price on the bid in order to allow addition of these touch ups.
MOTION: Accept Aaron’s Painting to do the clubhouse, office shed, stage, treatment building, well house and propane tank with cost to be capped at $6500 maximum. 2nd and passed.
1.Annual Meeting. Mike Henderson would like to do the Community Summer Concert at our Annual meeting this year. We could hold the meeting outside as well as use an outdoor food catering service.
MOTION: We have annual meeting on September 18, 2021 and include a concert. 2nd and passed.
Nadia will check with Mike Henderson about the band and work with a caterer for the catering arrangements.
Reviewed that a quorum will be a majority of those community members present and voting according to our new by-laws. We usually get a preliminary head count for catering via RSVP slips and that gives a general idea of how many will be a%ending the meeting as well.
2.Clubhouse. C -Notes previously used to practice on Mondays for quite awhile before the pandemic. They contacted us about using the clubhouse again. Rental was discussed, per our bylaws they would need a homeowner sponsor.
MOTION: Grandfather C-notes to rent the clubhouse for the remainder of 2021. 2nd and passed with one opposed due to lack of sponsor.
Next question is how much the C-Notes will be paying. Mike is to come up with amount and and send to the Board.
3.Lagoon. Mike Lowe contacted (by someone) — about clearing pathway on the beach side of the lagoon. Nadia thought people were offering to clear the path out. Discussed that we do not pay for it but there is no opposition to people in the community doing this on their own.
4.Clubhouse. Blocking out 3rd Wednesday in the clubhouse schedule for our Board meetings. Nadia will call Mike to make sure this occurs; preventing conflicts with meetings.
5.Clubhouse. Decorating the day before for clubhouse rentals. If no rentals are going on, people may come in free the night before for decorating only.
6.Discussed mowing. Mentioned areas that might be missed. Steve will contact Simply Yards and make sure these areas are maintained.
Adjournment: 6:58 PMNext Meeting: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 6 PM
Respectfully submtted, Mickie Hucke
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