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In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Clint Christiansen, Danny Kaiser, Steve Hucke, Tom McKeon, Curt Myron, Susan Schopf
Absent: None
Guests: Jerry Schopf
A.Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Danny Kaiser.
B.Minutes frorri 6/24/2020 were approved with no corrections or additions.
C.Public Comments: None
D.Treasurer's Report: Tom McKeon report (see attached). Bank balance currently is $440,047.10 which is an increase of $16,415.89 from last month's ending balance. Tom reported 6 residents are more than 90 days delinquent on water bilis and will receive waming letters. Jones Accounting billing arnount will increase due to increased workload for DC1. Tom will investigate and ask for details. Discussed question of how many DCI custorners would accept electronic billing. King Water does billing for other communities and Tom will ask thern to submit a bid to use for cost comparison.
a.Facilities: Danny Kaiser presented four bids from landscape maintenance cornpanies. The Board voted to accept the bid from Evergreen Landscape. Danny will contact them and ask to be put on their work schedule ASAP.
b.Water System: Shawn Albert has not been able to procure someone who can dig a trench to investigate and make repairs to leaking water pipe in the lawn at the Well Pump house area. Suggestion made to consult with King Water on problem.
c.Danny proviclecl copies of the annual water meter reading report from King Waten lt was noted there are numerous errors in property owners names and the Listing needs to be updated.
d.Danny has not yet talked with the owner of King Water to get an overall assessment of the state of the Dugualla Community water system. This information is needed to assist the Board in planning for possible future repairs.
e.Danny consulted with a paint company and learned that any good exterior paint will work on the water tanks. Steve Hucke will get a bid for the paint work and Shawn Albert will report back on preparation/repairs required for the chemicals building.
f.Larry Caton presented a bid from CW Electric, Inc. for a replacement generator for the well pump. The old generator is not powerful enough to supply adequate power for all water pumping equipment during an electrical outage of any duration. The cost estimate is $26,500 plus tax. A larger propane tank will also be needed.
g.Architectural Control: No Report.
h.Building and Use Restrictions: No Report.
i.Communications: Susan Schopf stated the community newsletter was sent out with water bilis on July 1.
j.Community Meetings: Clint Christianson has notified the caterer regarding the postponement of the Annuat Meeting.
k.Records Management: Curt Myron found old architectural house plans white reviewing and purging DCI fites and offered them to the property owners.
1. Security: No Report.
m.Lagoon: lt was previousty unknown to Board members that a wooden dam must be in place prior to the annual lagoon drain deaning. The wooden dam will be stored in the water treatment facility. The cost of the drain clean-out was $901.00. Joseph Bock will draft a written policy for future Board members.
n.Whidbey Camano Land Trust: No Report.
o.Steve Hucke noted the fire hydrant in his neighborhood at Hazelwood and Blueberry streets is still overgrown by shrubbery. Susan Schopf reported that because the DCI water system is private owned the fire hydrants belong to the community and it is DCI's responsibility to maintain them. She noted many of them are in need of painting.
a. Discussion regarding the responsibilities of the DCI Board concerning covenant viotations of property owners.
G.Adjournment: 7:25 PM
H.Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 6 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
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