In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joseph Bock, Larry Caton, Clint Christensen, Graig Haberman, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent, Mike Legere, Susan Schopf
Absent: None
Guests:  Jerry Schopf, Kay Gheen, Mickie Hucke
A.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:03 PM by President Steve Hucke
B. Minutes from 6/16/21 were corrected to state that Mike Legere is serving as an alternate board member.
C.Public Comments:  None
D.Treasurer’s Report:  Clint Christiansen - See attached report.
1.  DCI total bank balance on 7/18/21 total is $429,717.43 with $390,141.59 in a money market account.
2.  Collection letters have been sent and/or liens placed on four properties with delinquent water accounts by Jake Cohen, Attorney.   Property foreclosures will be pursued if no payments are received by August 12.
1.  Benjamin Ware, Coffman Engineering, Seattle WA has begun work to determine status of the DCI water system.  Larry Caton had no update.
2.  Absolute Pest Control was selected as pest control provider to start at the end of the contract with Surety Control.  The cost will be $130.68 every 90 days.
3.  Repair and painting of clubhouse and adjacent storage building is almost completed.
4.  DCI Annual Meeting is September 18 at 3 PM.
a.  Nadia Kent selected “Jumbo Burrito” to cater the outdoor meal after meeting.
b.  Band “Quarter Past 8” will provide entertainment at a total cost $400.  Two band members who are DCI residents will donate their time.
5.  The lagoon drain was very clogged with debris and shell fish, mussels etc.  The recommendation was made that it be cleaned twice a year.  Steve Hucke will set that up.
6.  The drainage pipe repair below the well house has been completed by Simply Yards.
7.  The roof on the storage building next to the clubhouse needs repair and there are possible leaks in the clubhouse roof.  No action taken.
8.  Board members continue to work at cleaning out old paint and excess materials from community buildings.
9.  Mickie Hucke volunteered to publish a regular community email newsletter, either bi-monthly or quarterly and received good feedback on her first issue.  She will ask for property owners email addresses at the annual meeting.
1.  Steve Hucke asked the board to consider directing King Water to read the 209 water meters in the community quarterly.  Average homeowner water usage is 60,000 gallons per year.   It was suggested a flat rate for water usage would be charged for up to 60K gallons, then a higher rate for up to 100K gallons and another higher rate for anything over 100K gallons.  There are some property owners with extremely high water usage which may indicate a leaking water pipe on their property.  No action taken.
2.   Steve is working with King Water to investigate using the company to provide all accounting and billing services for DCI and will ask King to provide a detailed written report and cost proposal for the board to consider.
G.  Adjournment:   6:57 PM Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 6 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
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