Attending: Steve Hucke, Nadia Kent, Graig Haberman, Clint Christensen, Larry Caton
Absent: Myron Parry, Chris Johnson, Danny Kaiser, Shawn Albert
Guests: Mike Legere, Mickie Hucke
1.The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Steve Hucke.
2.Minutes from 5/18/2022 Board Meeting. Motion to approve as submitted made by Greg, seconded by Nadia.  Passed unanimously.
3.Treasurer’s Report: See attached report.  Bank balance as of July 17, 2022 is 468,590.92 with $390,625.11 in money market account, $77,965.81 in checking account.  Difference from January - July 2022 is +$10,535.00.
a.Water Pipes. Discussed Repair vs. Replacement recommendations. Steve met with local contractor Corey Johnson of Johnson Construction on Whidbey Island. He is familiar with doing repairs that would be less costly and less extensive than a replacement. We could do segments as we could afford them. He was asked to give us a bid on the lower streets, he can do work in the winter when he is less busy.  Originally we tried to get a bid from King Water for replacement but they felt the project was too big for them and were not able to take this on. Mr. Johnson also indicates he has the equipment to clean out the pipe. He feels he can be more competitive than our current contractor. He was asked to send us a bid for the pipe cleaning also.
a.Review of Articles of Incorporation and By-laws by Secretary Myron Parry found an issue that we can address. Articles IX, sections 2, 3, and 4 do not include language that covers non-members that are receiving water service. Language to identify “customers” as properties located outside the platted community but hooked into the water system and receiving or able to receive water service should be added. There are 10 service hook-ups currently in this category. Clint proposes amendment to The By-Laws as follow:  “Article IX Fees and Assessments. Section 5. Article IX Sections 2, 3, and 4 will also apply to a person who owns a property located outside of the platted community and is hooked into the water system and is receiving or able to receive DCI water service.” Nadia seconded. Discussed that this should be forwarded to the attorney for review before the annual meeting, attorney fees are to be included for review of this proposed By-Law change. Passed unanimously.
b.The lock was found for the clubhouse gate. No one knows what happened but the lock went missing and then re-appeared.
c.Clubhouse Manager Mike Legere report. Xfinity price was lowest that we could get for our needs and includes TV in the bundle. We have a TV, we just need to get it hooked up.  How do we feel about a swing gate vs. cable on the driveway? Mike will get more info on the swing gate. People have been turning off all the breakers instead of just the designated ones. We still need to install a way to lock part of the electrical box off from the public.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM.
6.Adjournment: 6:27 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Mickie Hucke