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In Attendance: Don Kaiser, Steve Hucke, John Ney, Jerry Schopf, Jim Hummer, Dave Sem
I. Call to Order
II. Approve Minutes from last meeting – Motion to Approve, Steve; Second by, Jim: Motion carried
III. Public Comments: Sue Sebens presented bids from Bruce Bell Mulching and Landscaping to clear
out the blackberries and noxious weeds growing on the southeast area of the lagoon. After some discussion it was decided that Sue will draft a letter to the WCLT once we hear back from Mr Bruce on the necessary permits.
IV. Old Business a. None
V. Officer and Committee Reports
a. Architectural Control Committee: Dave and John Ney. Nothing to report.
b. Building and Restrictions Committee: Steve Hucke and Don Kaiser. A letter was presented to
Steve Hucke concerning a tree pruning issue between Marge McNae and Lorraine Hullett. Dave had already sent Ms. Hullett a letter and the BU&R’s for division 4 and requested it be brought into compliance. Sue Sebens said a bid for pruning was tendered to Ms Hullett and this issue may be resolved shortly.
c. Water Committee: Nothing to Report
d. Lagoon Committee: Pipe scheduled to be cleaned.
e. Special Initiatives, Nothing to Report
f. Communications Committee: The new website is being launched shortly. An idea was discussed to have a board email address so members don’t use their personal emails.
g. Treasurers report: Dave suggested we move extra cash out of the checking account and into the liquid CD that was renewing. Motion made by Steve and 2nd by Don. Motion carried.
h. Facilities Committee: Jerry was looking into possibly getting the water tanks repainted. Discussed repainting the totem pole at the entry to Dugualla Heights. Dave will contact Teresa Coes to try and locate the paint that was purchased last year for this project.
VI. Other New Business: John will check on supplies and get drinks for the upcoming annual meeting. John will touch base with us regarding setup for the meeting and any help he may need with supplies.
a. Next meeting October 15, 2018
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Adjournment
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