In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Larry Caton, Clint Christiansen, Danny Kaiser, Steve Hucke, Tom McKeon, Curt Myron, Susan Schopf
Absent: Joseph Bock
Guests: Jerry Schopf
A.Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Danny Kaiser.
B. Minutes from 7/15/2020 were approved with no corrections or additions.
C.Public Comments: None
D.Treasurer’s Report:  Tom McKeon report (see attached).  Bank balance currently is 461,967.71 which is an increase of $11,920.61 from last month’s ending balance.  Tom reported 3 residents are more than 90 days delinquent on water bills and will receive warning letters.  Jones Accounting increased monthly billing amount of $1,430 was due to increased workload for DCI.  Board discussed whether enough DCI customers would accept paperless electronic billing to make it feasible. Other possibilities discussed were direct bank draft payments or property owners submitting semi-yearly or yearly payments. Tom will ask Jones for more information regarding setting up electronic billing and about the costs associated.
1. Facilities:  Danny Kaiser reported Evergreen Landscape is working satisfactorily on community common areas.
2.  Water System:  Shawn Albert presented a bid from Custom Logging & Site Development for $14,000 for trenching and repairing the leaking drainage line at the well pump house area.  Board members voted to accept the bid but thought the cost excessive and will meet with the contractor next week to go over details.
a. Curt Myron will contact the North Whidbey Fire Department regarding community fire hydrants and color codes used for painting them.
b. Steve Hucke asked the Board to consider imposing a high water usage fee for property owners who use over a stated amount of water in a stated period.
c.  Danny has not yet talked with the owner of King Water to get an overall assessment of the state of the Dugualla Community water system.  This information is needed to assist the Board in planning for possible future repairs.
d.  Three bids were presented for painting exteriors of water tanks and chemical buildings at Birch & Emory streets.  Bidders were Ricochet Painting, WS Painting, and Pierce Painting.  The  Board voted unanimously to accept the Pierce bid.  Shawn Albert will follow up to get the painting done.
e.  Larry Caton reported great difficulty finding electricians willing to submit a bid for a replacement generator for the well pump.  The old generator is not powerful enough to supply adequate power for all water pumping equipment during an electrical outage of any duration. Tne one bid presented is by CW Electric is $28,805.50 with tax.  A larger propane tank will also be needed.
8.  Architectural Control:  No Report.
9.  Building and Use Restrictions: No Report.
10.  Communications:  No Report. 
11.  Community Meetings:  Clint Christianson stated the Annual Meeting & Dinner is postponed indefinitely due to COVID.
12.  Records Management:  No Report.
13.  Security:  Susan Schopf reported recently finding the clubhouse unlocked and open with no one inside or on the premises.  The Key Log Sheet was reviewed and updated.  Tom McKeon will retrieve the key to the clubhouse from the SeaNotes Band.  Upon opening the clubhouse for the monthly board meeting Danny Kaiser and Curt Myron found a pile of blankets and a bag piled in the corner. Patsy Del Sonno said there were no reservations and had no knowledge of anyone being in the clubhouse.
14.  Lagoon:  No Report.
15.  Whidbey Camano Land Trust: No Report.
1.  Steve Hucke obtained a list of current property owners/water customers from Jones Accounting and noted a number of errors and discrepancies.  Tom Glenn, a neighbor of Steve’s, volunteered to use Island County records to confirm and update DCI records. Updates will be passed on to Jones Accounting. The Board discussed the ongoing problem of keeping records of DCI property owners current.
2.  Danny Kaiser stated that due to her declining health, Patsy Del Sonno has asked for the Board to find a replacement for her in her duties as Clubhouse Manager. 
G.  Adjournment:  7:30 PM
H.  Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 6 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Schopf, Board Secretary
Note:  After this Board meeting, further inspection of the clubhouse revealed the following:  the kitchen area had food and drink items on the counter or in the trash and toothpicks were strewn all over the sink, counter and floor.  The refrigerator was plugged in and running with three large gray wooden components inside.  It was determined that the wooden components had been ripped off the building exterior by the front entrance.
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