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DCI Annual Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2017 
DCI Board of Directors:   
PresidentJohn NeyMemberTeresa Coe
Vice PresidentJim ObiegloMemberDon Kaiser
TreasurerDave SemMemberSteve Hucke
SecretaryTracie StringerMember 
Called to Order and WelcomeJohn Ney Approved Previous Annual Minutes (Moved by Tom Johnson)
Elected (Moved by Teresa Coe) for positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (2 year terms) and position 2 & 4 (1 year term): Russ Olson, Dan Brownstone, Mike Henderson, Jerry Schoph, Jim Hummer, Sheila Terry, and Rob McMillon
Committee Reports:John Ney
Water System Status Update (meters): 189 installed to date, tested negative for PFOAs, PFOSs,
14-Dioxin, water is now tested five times a week (increased from three due to state law changes),
system was state inspected and repairs made to tank lid and vents
Facilities: Refinished floor and shampooed clubhouse carpets, trees and bushes were trimmed
around clubhouse, and thank you to whoever repaired boat ramp holes
Lagoon: Pipe was last cleaned in August, white tubes removed in about a year
Approved of last FY Financial Report (moved by Fred Myron) presented by Dave Sem Adopted next FY Budget (moved by Don Johnson) presented by Dave Sem
New Business from the Floor (none)John Ney
Town Hall style discussion included following topics water meter installation road disturbance, spending on Dugualla, neighborhood watch sign Tom Johnson will replace, crime regarding illegal camping, illegal dumping such as cars at gravel pit, fireworks call sheriff, Facebook/Next Door, BURRs copy given to title company/relators, tree removals, lagoon maintenance to contact land trust if questions, emergency preparedness course, bus route new stop, water tower appearance
Adjourned to a fine dinner with family, friends and neighbors catered by Orlando’s
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