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DCI Annual Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2018
DCI Board of Directors:                          
        President John Ney
Member      Don Kaiser
        Vice President            Steve Hucke            Member      Jerry Schopf
        TreasurerDave Sem                           Member     Jim Hummer
        Secretary                                               Member       
Called to Order and WelcomeJohn Ney
Approved Previous Annual Minutes (Moved by Dave Wallsteadt) (2nd by Curt Myron)
Elected for positions 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 (2 year terms) Shawn Albert, Tom McKeon, Danny Kaiser, Susan Schopf, Tom Luehr and Joseph Bock
Committee Reports:John Ney  
Water System Status Update (meters): King water shows 202 meters installed/read to date, tested negative for PFOAs, PFOSs, 14-Dioxin, water is now tested five times a week (increased from three due to state law changes). Water quality and use of softeners were discussed among some residents. The possibility of raising tap fees for future hookups was discussed with no further action taken.
Facilities: Concerns were raised regarding blackberries and painting of totem pole at the entrance to Dugualla Heights.
Approved of last FY Financial Report (moved Elaine Walker) presented by Dave Sem
Adopted next FY Budget (moved by Bill Young) presented by Dave Sem
New Business from the Floor                                        John Ney
A lively Town Hall style discussion included water meter installations and possible maps showing locations of meters. Future boards may try to have a community work party to organize the DCI documents currently housed in the office next to the community clubhouse. A comment was made to change the board meetings to a later time to better accommodate members.
Dick Haines was praised for his efforts to organize a community emergency preparedness group and was granted free use of the DCI clubhouse for future training of community members. He will also acquire double sided signs to help first responders for each home in Dugualla Bay Heights.  
Adjourned to a fine dinner with family, friends and neighbors catered by Shonuff BBQ            
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