Board Members In Attendance: Shawn Albert, Joseph Bock, Jim Hummer, Danny Kaiser, Don Kaiser, Tom Luehr, Tom McKeon, Jerry Schopf, Susan Schopf
A.Meeting called to order at 3:16 pm.
B.Minutes from 2018 Annual Meeting: Approved as submitted
C.Dick Haines spoke regarding emergency preparedness and CERT training. The next class is Dec. 6-8, 2019 in Oak Harbor.
D.Curt Myron explained the proposed changes to the DCI bylaws which were then unanimously approved.
E.Danny Kaiser described changes to water system: moratorium on new non-DCI water connections, increase tap fees to $6,000 (DCI) and $9,000 (non-DCI), $75/month non-DCI water rate plus $150/year non-DCI water fee. Discussion followed regarding notification of vacant lot owners of tap fee increase prior to implementation.
Meter readings performed in May 2019 showed high average water usage in DCI (90,000/yr). Excessively high water usage is being investigated with needed water line repairs done. High water users will be notified by letter. Danny advised home owners to check their own meters.
December 2018 windstorm resulted in power outages lasting several days. The DCI backup generators failed to function due to not being properly service and tested. Tests are ongoing with service/repairs scheduled. Tom Johnson asked for 24 hour testing of generators to be done. Due to age of water lines and frequent breakages, future monthly water rates may need to be increased.
Richard Haines asked about testing for PFAS chemical contamination in the well water. Jerry Schopf reported testing is currently underway and results will be published on the website.
F.Don Kaiser reported on the annual meeting and lagoon area tour with Kyle Ostermick-Durkee and Taylor Schmuki of Whidbey-Camano Land Trust. Kyle provided a Dugualla Conservation Easement Fact Sheet which is posted on the website. Don asked about interest in scheduling a DCI community meeting with Kyle and Taylor and due to the favorable response will schedule the meeting.
G.Tom McKeon provided the Profit & Loss Statement for June 2018 through May 2019 (see attached).
H.Susan Schopf introduced the new webmaster, Steve Johnson, and asked members to sign up their email addresses to improve communications within the community. Three-ring binders are being prepared (one for each board member) which will contain pertinent information, bylaws, policies, covenants, meeting minutes, financial
reports, WCLT agreement, etc. to provide for better transition for new board
members and better record keeping. Richard Fort suggested one-on-one training with outgoing and incoming board members present.
I.Jerry Schopf reported on other board accomplishments such as auditing records of DCI property owners by verifying with Island County property records and updating records as needed at Jones Accounting. Also installed new kitchen and restroom flooring, a summer concert at the clubhouse, restoration and repainting of the totem pole.
I.Board members vacating their positions are Don Kaiser, Rob McMillan, Tom Luehr and Jerry Schopf. Members present who volunteered to fill the vacancies for 2019-2020:  Clint Christianson, Curt Myron, Larry Caton and Terry Cays and were unanimously approved by DCI members present.
J.The meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.
A delicious dinner was catered by Sho-Nuff Barbeque to the enjoyment of all.
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