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Minutes for Dugualla Community Annual Meeting September 18, 2021
Band and original meeting were cancelled an September 17, 2021 due to high wind storm prohibiting outdoor activities. Concern about COVID rules tighter so band and meeting could not be moved indoors.
Members gathered outside at 3:00 p.m. to get individually packaged meals and drinks that had been previously ordered (RSVP). Masks were worn with extras available.
Substantial number of members with 37 households signed up for e-mail distribution list and started asking questions about packet handouts and water concerns. At the group's request, meeting was started to clarify questions.
Board members present: Steve Hucke, Clint Christiansen, Larry Canton, Shawn Albert, Graig Haberman, Shawn Albert, Danny Kaiser
Steve Hucke and present board members went over general talking points including:
Treasurer's report with money savings for new facility maintenance contracts and massive update of property records;
Buildings and grounds extensive updates and repairs, administrative creation of board member binders and new web master on board,
PFAS test done on water. No contamination detected.
`;-- New generator and propane tank will insure continued Operation and water service if any prolonged power outage occurs.
Contracting Coffman engineering for assessment of entire water system and needed repair/replacements; estimated $30-$40K cost of food-grade rubber coating an top of water tanks as preventative to avoid damage/possible water supply contamination and deterioration.
Lagoon drain pipe needs flushing to go to 2x per year.
Topic: Water billing changes - See "Dugualla Community Water Information: Changes as of January 1, 2022" handout. Computer and spreadsheets were available for individual members to get last year's annual numbers and estimate what the new billing rate would mean. Most people will fall under the average amount of 60,000 gal/year so bill will not change from flat rate.
Topic: Anticipated water system changes — Preliminary estimates close to $3 million to replace concrete asbestos pipes that are fragile and have deteriorated. Also includes pressure valves to allow pressure at bottom of system and top of system to be regulated. Stressed importance of conservation and billing changes to minimize wear/tear and Position us for possible loan and/or grant applications.
Topic: Conservation property by Lagoon clarified that this was signed off to the Conservation group many years ago, there is nothing more to discuss as we do not have the power to change anything in the agreement. Question about their responsibilities and meeting with the
Conservation group was addressed. COVID has limited meeting abilities, a member of the board did meet with the Conservation group earlier this year and they know they have not been able to get to maintenance as they have limited resources.
Clarified: We are incorporated as a Water Board and that is the primary function of this volunteer board.
Topic: COVID restrictions kept annual meeting from occurring last year. The Board has been accomplishing a lot over the last 2 years but we are still restricted by COVID rules for our large annual meetings. Members are encouraged to visit the official duguallabay.org website for minutes and accurate information as well as coming to the regularly monthly board meetings.
Topic: Two board members are rotating off the board, need more active members. Susan Schopf has served as our secretary and will be missed, we thank her for an of her hard work. Myron Parry has volunteered to run for secretary. Asked if there were any other nominations from the group. None voiced for secretary. President asked for vote on Myron Parry as secretary, Yea vote carried.
Discussed need for another director and Chris Johnson volunteered. President asked for vote on Chris Johnson, Yea vote carried.
President mentioned that technically all board members have come up for election as we were not able to hold the annual meeting last year. Remaining board members names were read as a slate and a voice vote taken, Yea vote carried. The complete list of Board members elected is: Shawn Albert, Larry Caton, Clint Christensen, Steve Hucke, Danny Kaiser, Nadia Kent, Mike Legere, Graig Habermann, Chris Johnson and Myron Parry
Adjourned. 50 meeting packets were distributed. Food from Jumbo Burrito and individual beverages were distributed. Myron Parry had computer set-up to address individual member questions about what their water usage was last year and computer analysis of what this looks like for cost changes, if any, for the member. Many members chose to stay and visit with neighbors and talk with current Board members.
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