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Dugualla Community Water Information
        Changes as of January 1, 2022
King Water will be doing regular billing (transition from Jones Accounting). Meters will be read every other month (bimonthly), coinciding with bimonthly billing statements to property owners.
Bimonthly will allow coordination of the meter reading and water billing functions.
Payments will continue to:
Dugualla Community, Inc.
P.O. Box 1368
Oak Harbor, WA  98277   
How Bills Will Be Calculated Bimonthly  
* First Bimonthly transition period (early March billing). Everyone will receive their bill with a meter reading for January-February and will still pay the same Flat Rate of $50/month = $100.00. This will give owners time to identify their water usage levels.
* Homeowners will be charged if action must be taken to clear access to their meter.
Second Billing period and going forward --
1. Flat rate $100 bimonthly ( = $50/month) for first 10,000 gallons/bimonthly
Most homes will not experience a change in water costs because they use this amount or less.
2. Amounts above 10,000 gallons, will be charged by actual gallons used. This will cause your bill to vary based on your usage over the initial 10,000 gallons EACH 2-month period.
2a.Usage between 10,000-20,000 gallons/bimonthly is added at  1.5 cents per gallon
2b. Usage above 20,000 gallons/bimonthly is added at 3 cents per gallon
Costs to pump water, treat water, and repair/replace aging equipment continues