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At the September 17 2022 DCI Annual meeting, Members approved changing the water billing cycle from every two months to every three months.  This change took effect after the January 2023 meter reading.  Going forward:
The water invoice issued in January 2023 will be for the last two months of 2022.  After that, meter readings will be taken for three-month periods on the second Tuesday of April, July, October and January.
Rates will remain the same as in 2022, adjusted from billing every two months to billing every three months:
$150 ($50 per month) for the first 15,000 gallons used in the three-month period
Usage above 15,000 gallons up to 30,000 for the three-month period will be added at $0.015 per gallon
Usage above 30,000 gallons for the three-month period will be added at $0.030 per gallon
If you use a financial institution to pay your water bill, be sure to change the payment to $150 quarterly.
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